So, what in-program advert ruined your enjoyment today?

I quite like the TV show ‘Bones’ – I typically watch it online or via boxset (having long since given up any effort to align my watching habits with fickle broadcast schedules.)

But the recent Avatar shill? My God.

I don’t want to even write about it – someone else luckily has done a decent job for me:

Now, commercials I can ffwd past.

In-show adverts – like you get with a number of online networks like Revision3  ( or with the show Chuck – I can tolerate, as it’s obvious that it’s an advert. That’s the horrible price you just have to pay for some of these shows.

But when the plot is warped to fit in an unnecessary shill, for a film that has already had millions spent on it, saturating every other bit of media that exists and saturating our news channels, gaining yet more free advertising… that’s too much.

Fuck Avatar.

If you like to stare brain-dead at a big screen, if you are impressed by blue, anthropomorphic sex-kittens, or you’ve always thought that if you just dumbed down the plot behind Dances with Wolves and set it in space, it would rock, then you might enjoy Avatar. Or you could be in that crowd of people for whom watching 2 hours of shiny-things-that-move is a great night out.

So, I’m going to avoid buying or watching any program that includes Avatar and I certainly won’t be buying or renting the film.

What’s the last program that riled you up for doing something similar? I hear ‘Heroes’ is ripe with obnoxious placement…

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